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Why Bespoke?

What is the difference between Off The Rack, Made To Measure, and Bespoke?

Off The Rack:

The most common option in current stores, an Off The Rack suit is a suit that has been designed to be able to be sold to large amounts of people. The problem with this that no-one is built the same. Everyone has their own unique characteristics that can create problems in the fit of the suit. The fact that the suits have not been made for anyone in particular, you will most likely not achieve the desired fit with this option. A suit is supposed to accentuate your body, highlighting your best attributes, while diminishing your flaws.

An Off The Rack Suit will not create this desired look.

Made To Measure:

A better option than an Off The Rack suit in most cases, a MTM (Made To Measure) suit has characteristics of both Bespoke and Off The Rack but there are key differences. A MTM is often portrayed as the perfect fit, but it is important to know that the process is simply adapting to an already made pattern of an Off The Rack suit, often with minuscule changes.

With a MTM program, retailers often boast the customization of the suit due to the fact you can pick your fabric, cut and details. Do not be fooled by the differences, the fit (arguably the most important characteristic of a suit) is often disregarded.


The best way to create a suit is through the Bespoke process. This process has been lost over the years due to retailers mass producing suits. It takes much more craftsmanship, time and cost to make a Bespoke suit. When creating a Bespoke suit, over 30 measurements are taken to draft a pattern; the blueprints of the suit. After the pattern is crafted with it's characteristics of the client, the suit is created. This ensures the suit fits specifically for you. In most cases there is several fittings to mold the suit over your body, making sure of the perfect drape. After all, the desired effect is to accentuate your best attributes and hide your flaws.

In the end, you have a suit that is yours. providing you with the perfect look, style, and fit.

At Raffiné, we only offer Bespoke and we are proud to produce such quality garments!


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