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How To Dress To Your Complexion

"What colours work with my skin tone" is somewhat of a common question when picking out fabrics for your garment.

While a majority of the world doesn't think much into this concept, a select few will often wonder what works best for them.

To put it simply, there is no right or wrong on this subject to the fact that choice of colour, pattern, contrast and vibrancy are subjective and there is no particular rules to govern what you wear.

However, there are some combinations that better suit your complexion based on your complexion as a whole.

Here is a basic comparison to the different contrasts of your skin and hair to the clothing colours that compliment you.

High contrast

  • Dark hair and pale skin.

  • Most Asians are high contrast, though not all, as skin colour varies.

  • Includes men with dark-brown skin, because they’re so dark overall

  • Contrast is increased by having light-coloured eyes

  • (In general, hair colour is most important, then skin colour, then eye colour)

Low contrast

  • Light to ruddy skin, mid-brown to pale hair

  • Includes anyone with red or blond hair

  • Light-coloured eyes generally decrease the contrast


  • Everyone in between. Which in a European country, is probably the majority


Now what does this mean for me?

People within the High Contrast column, would be more complimented with the pairings of clothing with a high contrast such as a white shirt and black suit where a person who falls in the category of Low Contrast would be better suited in a pale blue shirt and a mid grey suit.

What is the point of contrast?

If you were to wear a combination that does not compliment your complexion, you may appear washed out, and that is not a look that many are going for.

With this being said, most men fear colour and with that, they avoid choosing things out of their comfort zone.

Although this is a fair thought, it limits your potential wardrobe quite drastically.

It may be beneficial to go out of your comfort zone and explore different colours because you never truly know what may work on you until you try it.

Is it that noticeable?

To sum it up vaguely, no.

Is it important while shopping? Typically, yes because when you have to power to choose the best possible tones for you, it is advisable to go with them.

In most consultations, there are not too many combinations of tone that are poor choice due to the fact that a majority of my clientele have fallen in the the Mid-Contrast category and have a variety of cloth colours to choose, but a select few that are noticeably higher contrast.

To sum it up, avoid getting washed out and try to find a balance between your complexion and clothing. After all, most of the time this is not a large issue for most people, but if you find your self finding trouble, always seek a consultation with a custom clothiers such as myself and we can help you find the perfect tones to make you look your best.


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