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The Proccess

Here is the process in which your bespoke garment is created

All Raffiné garments are nothing short of the best when it comes to quality, fit and style.

A couple key features you can expect are:


Our Suits


High Quality Material: We only chose the highest grade Wool, Cashmere, Silks, and Cottons for our suiting collections. Over the evolution of tailoring, both natural materials and synthetic materials have been used. Natural fibres; like the ones we use are the best investment as they last long and are more breathable.


Craftsmanship: When it comes to the creation of the garment, the craftsmanship is second to none. Every pattern is drafted specifically from the measurements of your body.

Only Canvas is used in the chest pieces, whether it be Full-Canvas or Half-Canvas construction. The canvasing and pad-stitching gives the jacket shape, fullness and support; a practice forgotten over the rise of mass production Off-The-Rack garments.

Even the padding on the shoulders are created to a specific thickness and density based on factors such as your body type, posture, and the style.


Finishing: Details are just as important to us as the creation of the suit as a whole.

We pride ourselves in the quality of work when it comes to detailing such as Surgeon Cuffs on the sleeves of jackets, or Milanese Buttonholes on the lapels, and Monogramming on the inside of Jackets and Trousers.


Our Shirts


Whether you wear your shirts in a formal or more casual setting, we create shirts that you can wear confidently everyday, like a second skin.


High Quality Material: All of the material we use for our shirts are only the highest of quality Cottons and Linens. These fabrics can keep the wick the moisture away from your body keeping you cool all the while keeping you looking great in the many weaves, thread counts, patterns and textures they are comprised of.


Craftsmanship: Just as with any garment we create, quality is a major hallmark. After measuring over 30 points of the body, the drafting and cutting of the pattern creates a shirt that should fit like a glove, this makes trying on your very first bespoke shirt an experience in itself.


Finishing: We take great pride in the details. Offering many button styles and materials such as Mother of Pearl buttons; you can add that special touch that every shirt deserves. Monogramming is also included on every Raffiné shirt if requested.

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